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August 2014

Dear Client:

Welcome to our August issue of Bureau Veritas CPS Global E.A.W. eNewsletter for the Electrical & Electronics, Automotive and Wireless / Smart World industry.

In this issue, we focus on three service updates: our expanded global capability of battery testing, our Footprint Progress Environmental Certification service, the 1st product mark to certify eco-designed products as well as our air bag testing service in Shanghai.

As always, we highlight the latest technical and regulatory updates as well as our upcoming events.

Enjoy reading the eNewsletter.

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services    
Global Marketing Team

Battery Testing for Efficient Market Access
At some point, every retailer, manufacturer or importer of batteries is faced with questions regarding product quality and performance. Selecting a testing laboratory that can answer those concerns and meet your needs is key.
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Footprint Progress Environmental Certification
To meet the growing demand in the markets for products that are environmentally friendly, companies are taking into account the environmental impact of their products from the design stage, with the support of Bureau Veritas' Footprint Progress Certification for Eco-design.
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Testing for Automotive Air Bags
Air bags are a critical passive safety function that can minimize collision force and protect life in the event of car crash.  To better appreciate our recently developed testing capability within our Shanghai Automotive center of excellence, view the link below.
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Legal Requirements for Electrical & Electronic Products
Hamburg, Germany, 12 November
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Electronica 2014
Messe München, Germany, 11 – 14 November
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Market Access for M2M Devices
Ratingen, Germany, 30 October
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M2M Summit 2014
Düsseldorf, Germany, 20 – 21 October
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The 13th International Sourcing Fair
Shanghai, China, 17 19 September
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CTIA 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 9 – 11 September
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E&E Updates
EU Ecodesign Regulation n° 548/2014 for Small, Medium and Large Power Transformers
European Union Publishes Harmonized Standards List for Vacuum Cleaners
US Modifies Requirements for Transportation of Lithium Batteries
US Proposes Digital Labeling Allowances for Electronic Devices
Taiwan Drafts Amendment of Mercury, Cadmium Limits in Batteries
Malaysia Implements Safety Standards for Primary Battery
South Korea Amends Enforcement Rules for Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act
Brazil Establishes New Regulation for Conformity Assessment of Water Consumption Equipment
Ecuador Finalizes Technical Regulation for Equipment for Sound or Visual Signaling
Ecuador Amends Technical Regulation for Labeling of Certain Televisions
Hong Kong Proposes Revisions to Energy Labeling of Certain Home Appliances
US Finalizes Amendment to Energy Labeling Rule
US Amends Energy Conservation Standards for Residential Furnaces and Residential Direct Heating Equipment
US Finalizes Energy Conservation Program for Residential and Commercial Water Heaters
European Union Amends Regulation Related to EU Ecolabel for Electrical Products
Italy Establishes Framework for Promotion and Improvement of Energy Efficiency





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