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June 2014

Dear Client,

Welcome to this latest issue of our Bureau Veritas CPS Global E. A. W. eNewsletter for the Electrical & Electronics, Automotive and Wireless / Smart World industry.

In this issue, we introduce how you can benefit from our testing and certification services for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Components in support of EU market access. You can also better understand how our benchmarking testing of electric and electronic products can support you and we bring information on our pre-test program for Qualcomm Technologies based 2G, 3G, and 4G devices. We have also expanded our service network through partnership with Wipro India offering localized testing and certification in India. Additionally, we include an overview of our events planned, as well as some highlights from the ever changing regulatory world.

Enjoy reading the eNewsletter, and stay connected with us.

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services    
Global Marketing Team

Charging Stations
Our Automotive Centre of Excellence in Shanghai has launched a full scope of testing and CB/CE certification services for EV related low voltage products related to charging stations.
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Electrical Product Benchmarking Testing Services
Our laboratory in UK offers benchmarking testing services that compare the performance of electrical products against previous models or direct competition. 
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Operator Pre-testing for Qualcomm based devices
7Layers has developed a new pre-test program for Qualcomm Technologies-based devices, becoming the first test lab for this program to provide pre-testing services to determine readiness for 2G, 3G and 4G devices.
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Partnership with Wipro Ltd. in India
Wipro's Tarang lab is recognized by Bureau Veritas to provide electrical and electronics testing for manufacturers in India.
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7Layers joins R&TTE Compliance Association
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Promoting ICT products testing and certification services in COMPUTEX
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Hosting NFC Forum Compliance Committee Interim in Taiwan
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Promoting electronic safety in Automotive Industry with the Shanghai Government
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Ecodesign: Sustainable Products
Hamburg, Germany
25 September
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General Electrical Safety for Small Domestic Appliances
Warrington, Cheshire, UK
16 September
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Automotive Products Solution
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Electrical & Electronics Services
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Global Business One-Stop Solution for electrical and electronic products
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E&E Updates
EU Electrical & Electronics Products Regulations Update - Date of Withdrawal standards for Next 2 Months (June 2014)
Electrical & Electronics Products Regulations Update - DOW standards for next 2 months (May 2014)
Vermont (US) Signs Law Relating to Product Stewardship Program for Primary Batteries
US Finalizes Rule on Conservation for Commercial and Industrial Electric Motors
South Africa Issues Compulsory Specification for Domestic Hot Water Storage Tanks
Brazil - Completion of Requirements for Conformity Assessment for Lead Acid Batteries for Automotive Vehicles - 30 days for public comment from 6th June (In Portuguese)
Brazil - Proposed Bill - PL 7643/2014, Mandating the Use of Reverse Cameras in motor vehicles carrying passengers, including SUVs, sedans and pickups. Effective 2017 if passed (In Portuguese)
EU - Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Power-Driven Vehicle’s Sealed-Beam Headlamps (SB) Emitting a European Asymmetrical Passing Beam or a Driving Beam or Both
EU - Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light Sources for use in Approved Lamp Units on Power-Driven Vehicles and their Trailers
Wireless / Smart World
GCF-CC v3.54.2 updates OTA requirement
PMF certification will become mandatory for all Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac devices from July 1, 2014
New Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU published on May 22, 2014
Canada Releases New Issues of Radiocommunication Related Standards
Latest Bluetooth Qualification changes
GSM Association improves requirements on cellular devices
Latest US Carrier aggregation requirements and new LTE frequency band adaption supported by 7Layers
Environmental Sustainability
Amending Energy Efficiency Labelling Regulation n° 518/2014
Household Tumble Driers - Harmonised Standards under Ecodesign Regulation n°932/2012 and Energy Labelling Regulation n°392/2012
Household Tumble Driers - Transitional Uniform Symbol under Ecodesign Regulation n° 932/2012
Computers and Computer Servers - Transitional Methods of Measurement under Ecodesign Regulation n° 617/2013
Air Conditioners - Harmonised Standards under Ecodesign Regulation n° 206/2012 and Energy Labelling Regulation n° 626/2011
UK Amends Legislation on Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products





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